Month: February 2017

Danger of Hard Water in Your Plumbing System

To those who do not know what the hard water is, I’ll tell you that it is not water that turns into ice. Hard water is a condition wherein the water contains high level of minerals, most particularly the presence of calcium and magnesium. These minerals bind together and become mineral deposits or scale. Normally, hard water is not dangerous to health. It may not taste good but it is not unhealthy to drink. The biggest problem you could get from the hard water is the damage it could do your plumbing and your appliances.

Hard water is not good to your plumbing system. It can leave calcium deposits which can turn into a serious trouble for pipes, plumbing fixtures and other home appliances. So, how can you detect if you have hard water? The most common sign of the hard water is the appearance of flaky off-white or yellow substance in your showerheads, sink and faucets. These icky substance caused by hard water is difficult to remove. Mineral build-up sticks into anything that it frequently comes in contact with like your tubs, bathroom tiles, faucets, including your kitchen and dishware. If you keep hard water untreated you will be eating in plates with yellowish stains on it later and your bathroom and kitchen will look dingy and filthy.

If you see the manifestations of mineral build up due to hard water, you have to take action immediately because it can do much serious damage into your plumbing. The biggest danger the hard water cause is not visible to your eyes. As the calcium and other mineral continually build up in the pipes, it would start to clog up the pipes and will leave less room for water to flow that would lead to lower water pressure. Although, the mineral deposits could not completely block the pipes but, it can instigate massive leaks to your plumbing system as it can eat though the pipes. If left untreated, you might find yourself calling Bunbury plumbing services because your basement is flooding due to pipe leakage.

Hard water can also be damaging to your appliances and hot water heater. Appliances that frequently come in contact with water are susceptible to hard water damage like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerator. Untreated hard water can cause your appliances to malfunction and leak. It will also make your appliances deteriorate faster. Also, hard water is risky on your hot water heater as the mineral build ups can lead to corrosion and will significantly decrease the lifespan of your hot water heater.

The best way to avoid the danger caused by hard water in your plumbing system is to install a water softener. Call you trusted Bunbury plumber to get a quotation installation of a water softener.

How To Attract Returning Clients

A successful startup does not necessarily mean successful business. There are so many businesses that rocks during startup but failed to sustain that success. To be successful, you should not stop planning with your startup. Startup, as the word implies, is just a beginning, the opening act per se. If you are playing chess, the startup is just your opening move; the battle is just heating up.

Startup is important, but not as important as sustaining the good startup. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a posh office or just renting an “address only” virtual office in Welshpool. What is more important is the type of product or service you provide to your client.  Finding a client is easy, but making those clients return is quite a task.

“How To Attract Returning Clients?” the answer to this question is the most essential in making a start up a successful full grown business. Attracting returning clients is the thing you should do in order to sustain your startup success.

Here are the four awesome ideas from a successful entrepreneur ex how to attract returning customers.

  1. Deliver fresh ideas

It is important that you come up with something new. If you have something new, then they will come back and try it again, and it becomes a cycle. Don’t be complacent with your first success, keeping your idea fresh and be innovative.

  1. Be consistent

The consistency of the product is just as important as its taste. It is important that you are able to monitor and control the quality of your products. Everything has to be consistent.

  1. Be imaginative

Thinking outside the box, deliver a product or a services that is innovative and can stand out. With so much competition in the market, the product or services you offer must be something different that get customer’s attention.  However, make sure that your creativity is still in line with your target market. Unless your product is already a staple, you have to continue thinking as if you are still introducing your product to the market.

  1. Come up with concrete marketing strategies

Failing to plan is planning to fail. From the very start, you must have a concrete marketing strategy on how you plan to market your product. If you want to introduce an innovative approach of renting serviced office in Perth airport make sure that you have a well-though and well-researched marketing strategies. Idea alone cannot sell. With a marketing concept in mind, your product will be more focused–from the name, the packaging, and even the pricing–and succeeding actions in promoting the product will be coherent and at one glance people will immediately remember your product.