Everybody wants to have a pest-free home. That is the reason why we hire the services of professional Perth pest control to have the destructive and annoying pests exterminated from our homes. Professional pests’ treatment can be expensive, and it won’t be good to your savings if you keeping on hiring the services of exterminators but you won’t have a choice on that matter if pests keep coming back in your property.

After a thorough clean-up of Perth pest control it wise to make your make your home pest proof. Here are 10 cheap ways on how to effectively discourage pests in entering your home.

  1. Seal possible entry points

Check for cracks and gaps in your basement and walls, it is the best entry point of termites and similar insects. Check also the entry and exit points of the pipes, TV and cable wires. Pay particular attention to weather stripping on doors and windows, as well as the holes in screens. For cracks, gaps and small homes, you can use low-VOC silicone caulk which you can easily purchase at any hardware store. For large holes you can cover it with wire mesh or stuff some steel wool into it before sealing it. Keeping your garage door close is a good idea to avoid nuisance pests from entering your abode.

  1. Keep your kitchen clean

Dirty kitchen is a haven of roaches, ants and rodents. Pests are particularly attracted to leftover foods. Keeping your kitchen clean is big factor in keeping the pests out of your home. Keep the leftover foods coved in lidded containers. Wipe the spills and residue off the containers and keep the trash can in your kitchen covered.

  1. Keep your home dry

Damp and moist places are the favorite breeding ground of most of pests such as termites and roaches. Insects thrive in damp environments. That is why it is important to keep your home dry. To do so, seal the leaks on your tubs and sinks. Check your basement for stains which is a pretty good indicator that you have dripping pipes. Pay attention also to your ceiling. Check for water spots for possible leak in your roof.

  1. Keep your yard clean

Your yard can be a perfect habitat for pests if you don’t keep it free from clutter. Crawling insects would likely be at home under the grass clippings, decaying leaves and compost heaps. Make sure to tidy your yard, keep the garbage bins covered and clean up pet poops immediately because it can be a breeding ground of many harmful pests.

  1. Make your yard bird friendly

Birds are not just beautiful to look at they can also help regulating pests in your property. Birds feed on bugs, ants, worms, roaches and most of the crawling insects. Installing a bird feeder or a bird bath in your property can invite birds in your yard.