If you have houses for sale in Cockburn, there are some simple smart fixes and upgrades which you could do in order to increase the value of your home. This simple fixes and upgrades will not cost you a lot of money, but it can help to sell your home fast and at a higher rate. So, here are the 10 tips from real estate professionals:

  1. Create some space

A space that creates a sense of flow can greatly enhance the appeal as well as the value of a house. Most of the buyers nowadays are leaning more on the idea of having big space. They want a wide open floor plan. According to the experienced real estate agent in Cockburn, by knocking out the non-structural wall or removing the kitchen you can create some space that most buyers are looking for.

  1. Tidy and upgrade the landscaping

A simple upgrading of your landscape can go a long way. In a survey conducted with more 2,000 real estate agents in 2017, it reveals that an investment of around $500 in landscaping can bring a return of more than three times. Simple tasks such as pruning the trees, trimming the overgrown bushes, planting new flower beds, cutting the grass can significantly improve the appeal and the value of your home. Landscaping may cost you some but it can make a difference, as in thousands worth of difference.

  1. Let there be light

Ok, it may sound cliché but letting the light in can enhance the appeal of the house. If you don’t have the budget for skylight, you opt to have sun tubes or light pipes. Letting in the natural light can the make the smaller spaces appears larger. It can also give out a warm vibe to an empty space.  While, high wattage electric lights can do the opposite, it makes the space obstructive.

  1. Don’t forget the maintenance

Before you do the fancy upgrades in your home, make sure that all the basic care and maintenance has been taken care of. Your fancy bathroom will be of no use if you have leaky water pipes. Basic maintenance such as ensuring the electric, plumbing and HVAC system are in good working condition can go a long way towards increasing the value of your home. Make sure that you have replaced or repaired the broken window, repair the gutter, installed the storm doors and other small repairs and maintenance.

  1. Be eco-friendly

Going green is seems to the trend nowadays. Eco-friendly and energy savers can make your home attractive to prospective buyers. If you are to make some update, make it green. For instance, if your air conditioning and heating system are old, get a new one that has 30% to 40% energy saving efficiency or get a solar-powered water heater that allows you to save as much as 80% in the heating bill.

  1. Increase the front door appeal

Your front door has the power to persuade or dissuade the potential buyer in just few seconds. Dress up your front door and enhance the area. Putting in a simple overhang in the front door such as portico or awning which can shelter you from the rain or sun when you are searching for your keys is a great addition. Adding in a deck in your front door is also a great selling point.

  1. Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the main selling point in a house. Making the kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean can really add value to your home. Some basic upgrades can also help like replacing the frosted glass in the bathroom for a clear glass, replacing the old-fashioned faucets with a modern one, removing the rust stains and other simple maintenance and upgrade can really improve the value of your home.

  1. Paint the walls with neutral colors

Freshen the walls with a new coat of paints. Chipped and stained walls are big no-no when you are to sell your home. It gives unmaintained appeal which definitely lowers the value of your home. If you need to do repaint the walls, then choose neutral color regardless you want to have purple walls. You need to remove your personal taste. According to experts, potential buyers have better reception with neutral colored walls because they can project their own ideas in the space. It would look like an empty canvass for them to fill, and make the ownership of it.

Consult your friendly real estate agent in Cockburn for more information on how to increase the value of your home.