Losing car key is no laughing matter. I will not cause expensive inconvenience, but it can also cause a serious security threat. The moment you lose your keys, you will never know who it will end up with. It might end up in hands of people who have criminal intent. It is also important to be careful in choosing where to get your car key replacement. In an unfortunate event that you lose your car keys, always remember to ensure safety first. Below are tips on how to ensure your and your car’s safety during car key replacement.

  1. Get replacement from the dealership

Getting the replacement car keys through the car dealership is the safest way. However, it is also the most expensive option. The major car dealers are likely to charge you from $150 – $2,500 depending on your car make and model. The more modern and expensive your car, the more expensive the key replacement cost. If you looking for a car key replacement from major car dealers in Perth, the Subarro Forrster 2010 model will cost you about $450 while the Lexus IS 250 2010 model will cost you around $750. The cost of car key replacement mostly relates to the process of reprogramming the electronic chip in the key rather than the actual process of cutting the key itself.

  1. Do a background check if you choose have your car keys replaced by auto locksmith.

The economical option of replacing your car keys is by having it replaced through auto locksmith. Most of the locksmiths in Mt Lawley are significantly cheaper than the dealership, doing the same services offered by the dealership. They cut the keys and reprogram the electronic chip so that you can gain access to your car. However, you need to be extra careful if you choose have your car keys replaced by auto locksmith. Do a background check to make that you are dealing with the trustworthy and reliable locksmith. Local locksmith are preferable than the national franchise because you are already familiar of the reputation of the local locksmith.

Another important safety is to test the replacement car key as soon as you arrive home. Perform repeated testing by opening the door and starting the car several times. If you sense some irregularities like failing to start the car or opening the door, call the locksmith immediately. These problems normally happen when the key is not programmed exactly for your car. To resolve this problem, a new key should be cut and reprogrammed.

  1. Avoid “too good to be true” online offers.

There are car owners who choose to get car key replacement online. You can find many car key replacement promos online which are “too good to be true.” Be careful in dealing with those. Conduct thorough investigation before you buy car key replacement online.