discipline in classroom short essay

Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. Our rules say we are to be respectful to all students and teachers. Not only in student life but also in personal and professional life, discipline is a must. (2003). Education Digest. One of the greatest hurdles in leading a disciplined life is a wandering mind. Well, I would say short essay student discipline as during 24 shifts, you have learned to navigate the ebb and flow of their volatile natures. In order to accomplish this, the teacher needs to set the tone for the class during the first two weeks of school and never veer from it. “Authoritarians know that students work and learn best in well-organized, directional, and purposeful classrooms” (“A Back-to-Basics Approach to Classroom Discipline. You are transformed into a person who has goals and a well-structured path to achieve them. Teachers should correct misbehavior and broken rules as soon as they are noticed. Give appropriate expectations so goals are attainable. Research suggests in order to maintain a well-disciplined classroom, teachers must establish rules and expectations, enforce limits of rules, encourage and reinforce positive behavior, and effectively manage their classrooms. “The issue of discipline, also referred to as classroom management, continues to surface as one of the most challenging problems in education today” (“The Discipline Dilemma: Problems and Promises. It is important to remember to focus on the rule, not the problem. The aim of classroom management and discipline is controlling students’ actions, habits, attitude and behavior in the classroom. Article shared by. Classroom Discipline Term paper. When students are held accountable, they are learning that all of their choices have consequences. One of the most important characteristics of discipline is that it follows a clear route plan with clear objectives. It aims to teach children to understand and follow social rules, both within the classroom and outside it, without using physical or emotional violence. A one-on-one conversation should take place that identifies the broken rule, explains the punishment and gives feedback. Because discipline is the key point of all success. best custom essay, essay custom, custom essay writers, custom essay meister reviews, custom written essay. It is a way of life in which a person diligently follows definite rules and time tables in order to achieve a certain objective in life. I have given below short and long essays on discipline in English. By posting rules where they are easily visible, students can be easily reminded of what is expected of them. We need be guided by rules. Broken rules should be enforced immediately. Students should fully understand what is expected so little room is left for them to interpret what they is desired. Example Student Research Paper TYPES OF CONCLUSIONS. For example, if the policeman in the above example not only fines the person but also puts him in prison for a minor offense, then it would be a case of discipline gone beyond the limit. Action shows students the teacher is in control. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Don’t forget to get outside, get moving, get healthy and contribute to your community! Curwin, Richard L. `Discipline with dignity: Beyond obedience. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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