Whether you want to buy a new home or sell your house, you probably want to hire a real estate agent Kalamunda to help with the complex real estate process. Finding a good real estate is crucial to the success of the real estate transaction.  A trustworthy real estate agent is an invaluable asset that would guide you in process of buying or selling. They can also act as negotiator, financial advisor and a house hunter. While getting a good estate agent is a good thing, hiring a bad real estate agent is worse than not having one at all. Finding a real estate agent is quite easy but finding a good one is not.

Here’s a quick on how to find a good real estate agent that would suit your need:

  1. Ask for referrals

Real estate agents stay in business because their satisfied clients refer them to their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Ask your family and friends or co-workers if they know a trustworthy real estate agent in Kalamunda they could refer to you. Successful real estate agents always consider the satisfaction of their customer as number one priority. Real estate agents become successful because of their good reputation.

  1. Attend open houses

If someone wants to sell a house Forrestfield, and there is an open house event, go and attend. Attending an open house is the surest way to meet real estate agents. Talk to them, observe how they deal with clients, make some notes and collect business cards. If you are planning to put your house on sale, observe how the agent shows the home during the open house. Attend several open houses, so that you will have a good comparison when choosing an agent that would handle your real estate transactions.

  1. Check the real estate market in your area.

Walk or drive around the neighborhood and look for the name of an agent in the real estate signs. If you could see a repeat name on signs, especially if it is next to a “sold” sign, take note of the name of the agent and the contact details because it is a good indicator that the real estate is a good one. Based on research, 15% of real agents are hired due to name recognition and 6% find their agent thru for-sale signs around their neighborhood.

  1. Use online listings

There are many websites that post a list of agents which you can hire. However, there is no assurance of their reputation and quality. Agents listed on these websites are those who have paid the fee to be included in the list. The best way to search real estate online to search on Google and look for the top real estate company in your area, then go the company’s official website. Look at the profiles of their agents and read the customer reviews.

  1. Interview at least three agents

Don’t settle on the first agent you find, even if you think she or is great. By interviewing several agents, you will be able to compare and contrast. Maybe you already have a bet based on reputation and referral, but still, ask at least three real estate agents the same question and compare their responses. According to Ray White Perth Hills, 61% of house owners contact only one agent but by talking to multiple agents you will have a greater chance in finding an agent that would suit your real estate needs.