Our spine is probably the one of the most overlooked part our body. If we don’t feel any pain, we often assume that our spine is 100% healthy, and if we feel a twinge we just hope that it will go away. If you have similar view point, then it is time to change your attitude toward your spine. Just like any part of our body, we need to spine need some tender loving care too. Remember that your spine is figuratively and literally the backbone of your body. The health of your spine is vital in your overall health.

Here are simple ways to keep your spine healthy:

  1. Make exercise a lifestyle.

Regular exercise is essential in keeping your spine and back healthy and strong. A simple stretching exercise routine that focuses on your core muscles which includes the lower back and abdominal muscles is good for your spine. It can also help in supplying nutrients into your soft tissues and spinal disc which essential in keeping the ligaments, muscles, discs and joints healthy.

  1. Practice good sleeping habit.

Healthy sleeping habit is essential to your overall health. It is important to let your spine rest when you are sleeping. It is during your sleep that your spine rests. Avoid sleeping on your stomach is it puts pressure on your neck and spine. If you are sleeping sideways, put a pillow between your knees to remove the pressure off your spine and choose a pillow that is suited to your sleeping style.

  1. Practice good posture.

Avoid slouching. Practicing good posture is good for your personality and good for your spine, too. If your work requires you to sit for a long time, sit in a chair that provides good back support. Take a break and stretch every 1 hour or so. Taking a break is not only good for your spine but good for your mental health too.

  1. Eat healthy food and drink lots of water.

Eating healthy food is important in maintaining a healthy spine. Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meats and legumes and avoid eating processed foods and foods that is high in sugar content. Drink lots of water too. It is important that you keep your body hydrated.  Not drinking plenty of water may cause to disc to shrink as dehydrated disc shrinks and it is make your spine vulnerable to bulges and raptures.

  1. Visit chiropractor.

A chiropractor in Hilton can help in evaluating your spinal health. If you feel any pain a chiropractor can diagnose and find solution for the pain. A chiropractor in Hilton can serve a wellness coach that can guide you to a healthy exercise, diets and activities that can help you keep your spine healthy and strong.