It is always advised that before you buy a new home or a building, you must have it inspected first, so that you will know if the property is worth your investment or not. Is the building compliant to existing building code? Does it need repair? If it does, how much will it cost you to have it fixed? These and more questions are needed to be answered before you decide to buy a particular property, and these questions can be answered by a qualified building inspector.

In hiring a building inspector, you must look for an inspector, who is fully trained, insured, accredited and have extensive experience on the field. In other words, you should look for a highly qualified building inspector. But how would you know that the building inspector is qualified?

For a building inspector to be suitably qualified, a building inspector must be properly registered with the Building Commission. This registration guarantees that a certain building inspector has met the required qualification, experience and level of knowledge.

Normally, a building inspector registration is divided into two categories: the Building Inspector Unlimited and the Building Inspector Limited. The Building Inspector Unlimited is permitted authorized to inspect all components and classes of buildings as well as all components of a building. They are also authorized to perform building inspection to all varieties and types of construction. On the other hand, those who are registered as Building Inspector Limited are only authorized to perform building inspection to particular types of   buildings. These types of buildings they are determined by the Building Practitioner Board during the assessment process.

Both, Building Inspector Unlimited and the Building Inspector Limited must have a Diploma in Building Inspection and at least two years of practical experience as approved by the Building Practitioner Board or a certificated given by the Board after an applicant has shown satisfactory knowledge and experience during an examination.

Therefore, for an inspector to acquire a registration as a qualified building inspector, he or she must have extensive in knowledge and experience in all aspects of inspection which may include the foundations, framings, concrete reinforcement, footings, drainage, electrical works, plumbing, among others. He/she must also knowledgeable in creating reports.

So, when you are looking for a building inspector in Perth, make sure that you hire someone who is registered with the Building Commission.