According to the Department of Energy, the heating and cooling take about the half of your home’s energy consumption. Our air conditioning system works almost 24/7 especially during summer where the extreme heat is beating our comfort. Here are some ways on how to save and avoid the expensive air conditioner service.

  1. Plant more shrubs or trees around your home

Most of the heat that gathers inside a house comes directly from the heat of the sun that shines through the windows or through roofs and heats the house directly. Planting more leafy trees around your house will serve as a fort against the heat from the sun that will significantly help decrease the amount of heat the goes inside your home.  If you have shrubs or trees that can shade your air conditioner, it could increase your air conditioner’s efficiency by about 10%.

  1. Clothe your windows

Windows screens, solar screens, window films and such can intercept up to 70% of solar energy before it enters into your home. These window screens are effective in keeping the heat out of your home and make your home easier to cool.

  1. Use your thermostat wisely

Raise the temperature of your thermostat at night or when you are not at home and lower your thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit whenever you are the home. This simple trick can help your save about 5% – 15% on your air conditioning bills.

  1. Use fans

Fans can help the cool air circulate better inside your home. You don’t even need to invest in fancy or expensive fans, ordinary inexpensive fans will do. If you are living in a two-storey home, operate the fans on the upper level of your home and open the window on the lower level. If you are living in a one-storey building, just simply close the windows near the fan and open the windows far from the fan.

  1. Have your air conditioner service by professional

Regular maintenance check-up of your air conditioner by professional air conditioner service can help your AC run more efficiently and lower the energy consumption.

  1. Replace of old AC

The old air conditioner is harder to maintain and consumes more energy than the newer model ACs. Swapping your older AC unit for a newer one, you could reduce your cooling energy consumption by half.  Try to look for an AC model with high EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio. Air conditioning unit with higher EER ratings would mean more efficient air conditioner.